Our Network.
Your Success.

Dental Services Group, a network of 25 North American
laboratories, provides dentists with the best of both
worlds: the personal relationship and care of a local
laboratory, combined with the technical expertise
and full suite of offerings of a national laboratory.

So when you think "dental laboratory," think
beyond dentures and crowns. While
the foundation of DSG’s business
is providing high-quality
restorations and dental
appliances, your DSG lab
goes a step beyond by
partnering with you to
support and grow
your practice.

My DSG representative helped me expand the scope of my practice to include sleep therapy, a new offering that has grown my practice and given me more personal satisfaction."
–Natalie Kos, DDS
Toronto, Ontario

DSG’s business solutions help you access innovative technology, discover
new practice areas, manage costs, and increase revenue---all through a
relationship with your trusted local laboratory.