DSG Paramount Dental Lab

Since 1987 Paramount Dental Lab has served the dental profession with high quality restorations. Through technical advancements and CE seminars we strengthen relationships between our lab and the clinician. We offer personalized approach for each clinician’s needs. Our level of service ensures clinician’s requirements are not only met, but exceeded. In a constantly changing marketplace, Paramount utilizes resources at our state-of-the-art facility to give you the very best the industry has to offer. With our exceptional customer service, unwavering commitment, and quality restorations Let Paramount be the laboratory of choice for your restorative needs

DSG Paramount Dental Lab
Suite A, 4020 El Camino Ave
Sacramento, CA 95821

Local Phone: 916-483-6716
Toll-free Phone: 888-483-6716
Fax: 916-481-5729

Pete Johnson, General Manager

“Our longevity is the result of three things: listening to customers, staying ahead with technology, and investing in people. We do our best to provide customers with the products they want and partner with them to improve their businesses.” - Pete Johnson

Featured Products

  • visiclear flexible partials
  • DSEZ Esthetic Zirconia


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You know you’ve succeeded when somebody tells your patient, ‘You have a beautiful smile.’ The technicians at my DSG lab make my patients’ smiles look as natural as possible, which is the success of my practice.
A satisfied DSG customer
I like having the absolute best of both worlds— a local person I know and trust to work with, backed by the resources of a national network of high-tech labs. The best thing about my local lab is that they feel like part of my team.
A satisfied DSG customer