DSG Advanced Dental Technologies

Portland, OR

Positioned as a leader in innovative digital dental technologies, Advanced Dental Technologies is on the cutting edge of the digital dental world. Clients trust and rely on ADT every day to deliver high-quality dental products. You can count on ADT’s team of technicians for consistently outstanding crowns, bridges, implants, cosmetics, and other state-of-the-art, precision-crafted products. Our mission is to provide products and services to our customers to achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction.

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Phone: (503) 240-1910

Toll-Free Phone: 800-422-5779

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6421 N Cutter Cir
Portland, OR 97217

General Manager

Jason Liebes

[email protected]

“We are dedicated to providing quality products, excellent customer service, competitive pricing and the latest technology.”
- Jason Liebes

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