Dental Services Group and our network can provide a vast array of partials to suit your needs. You’ll find technicians highly experienced in removables at every DSG lab. From economy to premium choices, DSG offers a broad selection of flexible and specialized partials, all available through your local DSG laboratory.


Vitallium® &
Vitallium® 2000 Plus

DSG offers the ultimate cast partials on the …
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DSz Bridge


VisiClear is the clear choice for most patients …
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Flexible Partial Valplast Thermoflex FRS

Flexible Partial

We use a variety of Flexible Partials …
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Equipoise Dental Partial


The Equipoise® partial provides function …
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Saddle Lock Partial Denture


Your patients want esthetics as well as …
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Cu-Sil Partial Denture


Cu-Sil® partial dentures are designed to …
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