DSG’s occlusal therapy products not only preserve your patients’ smiles, but also their peace of mind. Easy to fit and difficult to break, occlusal splints guard against the damaging effects of bruxing and grinding and protect your patients’ investments in crowns, cosmetic restorations, and other dental work. For heavy clenchers, DSG’s unique deprogramming device, the DSG Relaxer™, provides comfort and relief for muscle soreness and occlusal-related migraines.

Bruxeze Remedeze Bruxism Splint

Brux-eze® &
Rem-e-deze® Bruxism Splint

These splints relieve patients’ stress and …
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Night Guard Hard Acrylic Splint

Hard Acrylic Splints

These DSG splints have a hard acrylic …
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Athletic Mouth Guard

Athletic Mouth Guards

Give your patients a professionally-made …
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Gelb Splint


Gelb posterior splints cover the occlusal …
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DSz Bridge

DSG Relaxer™

The DSG Relaxer™ is a custom-fit …
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DSz Bridge

Comfort H/S™
(Erkodent®) Splint

The Comfort H/S Hard Soft Bite Splint is…
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