At DSG laboratories, expert technicians fabricate hundreds of similar cases each year.  Nationally Certified Dental Technicians receive regular training on the latest technologies and techniques, ensuring high-quality and consistent restorations including:

An expansive line of services and in-depth understanding of the latest ceramic materials and techniques. High end cosmetic technicians and labs for esthetic needs.
Internationally renowned technicians fabricate a wide range of oral sleep appliance and practice support tools.
From basic to complex, DSG delivers a complete range of orthodontic appliances.
Experienced removable prosthetic technicians at each DSG laboratory provide a full array of denture and partial options.
Easy to fit and difficult to break, occlusal splints guard against the damaging effects of bruxing and grinding and protect your patients’ investment.
DSG’s friendly, service-oriented laboratory teams provide personalized customer care. Our sales representatives help grow your practice by staff development, technical techniques and tips, and resources through our nationwide network.
Up-to-date case status emails nightly – just another way DSG partners with you for clinical success and patient satisfaction.
Group Practice Solutions has gathered a professional team of specialists representing every discipline you require from a lab. We have and will continue to invest in the people, technology and systems necessary to stand within the top ranks of our industry. We offer the finest caliber products and services, so you can pass that value along to your patients. If you are part of a DSO and would like more information on volume pricing and other solutions for your Dental Service Organization, please click on the following link to contact our Specialized DSO Team.

Discover the DSG Difference for Academia

DSG laboratories serve universities and teaching institutions with the combined technical expertise and strength across our network. We are the leaders in traditional and digital dentistry from treatment case planning and digital impressions to CAD/CAM providing clinical success and excellent learning support. We are active members of the American Dental Education Association and provide laboratory services to over 30 dental schools in North America.

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