At Dental Services Group, we focus on exceeding customer expectations every day. That's why we're top rated for high-quality esthetics, fewest adjustments and reliable case consultation. As a network of 30+ labs, we have the technological capabilities & expertise of a large network combined with the personal attention and care, quality and convenience of a local lab.

Experience the DIGITAL DIFFERENCE with DSG

Improve Accuracy • Save time • 5 Days In-Lab on Digital Modeless Cases

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At DSG, we know that the impressions you send us are more than impressions. They’re people. That’s why we make it easy to send us a case. All of our labs are equipped to process both conventional and digital impressions so that every case–every patient– gets the personal attention they deserve.

Case Success Stories

See why dentists Choose DSG first for their case work.

Dr. Randy Breen, DDS

Grand Rapids, MI

Throughout my many years of partnering with DSG Davis Lab, they have been willing to go the extra mile to satisfy both me and my patients.

Dr. Scott J. Maloney, DDS

Dr. Scott J. Maloney, DDS

Palmetto, FL

When I made the decision to use DSG as my lab, I learned early on that I could depend on good quality and dependable work, which allows me to deliver a good quality product to my patients.

Dr. Philip J. Hedger, Prosthodontist, Coastal Jaw Surgery

Dr. Philip J. Hedger, Prosthodontist, Coastal Jaw Surgery

Palm Harbor, Spring Hill & Trinity Florida

I love working with DSG because I have a relationship with their lab. For every case that I do with them, there's constant communication back and forth to be able to provide that optimal care for my patients. It's unparalleled.

DR. Tim Goodheart, DDS

DR. Tim Goodheart, DDS

Raytown, MO

DSG provides consistent service with good delivery turnaround time at a fair price!