Dentures and Partials

With access to the extensive resources of our national lab network, each of our local lab technicians is uniquely qualified to create custom dentures and partials for each patient. We believe in providing a fully customized experience to each patient, so we use high quality materials and cutting-edge technology to address each and every case.


ProFX® Digital Dentures

PRINTED: The future of dentures is digital. ProFX® Digital Denture made with LUCITONE DIGITAL PRINT™ 3D DENTURE RESIN & IPN 3D™ DIGITAL DENTURE TEETH.
  • Unsurpassed denture printing technology
  • Accuracy is engineered in each bottle
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • CAD libraries available for 3Shape and others
  • No grinding required
  • Exceeds ISO improved impact resistance

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MILLED: Traditional 4 STEP TECHNIQUE available or Ivoclar 3 STEP TECHNIQUE available with training.
  • PRECISION FIT: Precision CAD/CAM milling technologies provide more retention and fewer sore spots.
  • INDUSTRY LEADING STRENGTH:Teeth are milled in an arch form producing a denture with superior resistance to stain and odor with unsurpassed strength.
  • SUPERIOR ESTHETICS: Utilizing Ivoclar’s industry leading materials.
  • ELECTRONIC RECORD: DSG will maintain the file, so there is no need to start over if the denture is ever lost or broken.

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The DSG commitment honors connecting patients with the best case solution – every time.  Our Denture offerings, Economy, Standard, and Premium, affords customized options and price flexibility.  DSG’s patient satisfaction and high-quality care, drives our business to only use products from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Portrait® IPN® teeth by Dentsply Sirona

A wide selection of molds and shades create the perfect patient denture utilizing IPN teeth.  Unlike hardened plastic teeth, IPN teeth mimic the gradual wear of tooth enamel, delivers outstanding occlusal integrity, and provides long-lasting aesthetics.


DSG manufactures dentures using the 1-2-3 step technique, allowing for an easy 3-appointment process. Our technicians utilize the Celara technique, duplicating a patient’s previous denture, delivering a quick and easy replacement.


We offer a variety of partial dentures to accommodate each patients’ specific need, including both metal or non-metal options. Traditionally, dentist have relied on metal partials, but in recent years there has been a growing demand for flexible options, which offer many of the same benefits as metal models, as well as increased comfort and the ability of thermoplastic material to become virtually invisible when worn.

Valplast ® and VisiClear ®

We offer a variety of custom-fit flexible partials to suit each patient’s preference and budget.

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Solvay: The Ultaire™ AKP

For patients who prefer premium products, the innovative, high-performance polymer is rigid enough to stay in place, and offers improved in-mouth comfort & appearance. Milled from Dentivera™ milling discs, RPDs made from Ultaire™ AKP diminish the all-too-common metal pain points for labs, dentists and patients alike.

Not available in Canada.

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