The ProFX Digital Denture System integrates the dental practice treatment steps with the lab digital manufacturing process. Advanced digital denture design software, clinical tools, and a completely coordinated workflow, provides a high level of control for esthetic denture production. It's time to upgrade. ProFX Digital Milled and Printed Dentures, a DSG® product.



  • Single-arch complete denture (upper or lower)
  • Complete dentures (upper and lower)
  • Duplicate complete dentures (upper and lower)
  • Immediate complete dentures (upper and lower)


PRINTED: The future of dentures is digital. ProFX® Digital Denture made with LUCITONE DIGITAL PRINT™ 3D DENTURE RESIN & IPN 3D™ DIGITAL DENTURE TEETH.
  • Unsurpassed denture printing technology
  • Accuracy is engineered in each bottle
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • CAD libraries available for 3Shape and others
  • No grinding required
  • Exceeds ISO improved impact resistance

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MILLED: Traditional 4 STEP TECHNIQUE available or Ivoclar 3 STEP TECHNIQUE available with training.

  • PRECISION FIT: Precision CAD/CAM milling technologies provide more retention and fewer sore spots.
  • INDUSTRY LEADING STRENGTH:Teeth are milled in an arch form producing a denture with superior resistance to stain and odor with unsurpassed strength.
  • SUPERIOR ESTHETICS: Utilizing Ivoclar’s industry leading materials.
  • ELECTRONIC RECORD: DSG will maintain the file, so there is no need to start over if the denture is ever lost or broken.

Download ProFX Digital Milled Denture • Informational Flyer

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*Contact your local DSG® lab to learn more about the Ivoclar Digital 3 Step Technique.