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Patient consultations may seem pretty straightforward—present the diagnosis, provide some information and education to the patient, recommend treatment options, and finally discuss payment. However, there’s more involved with creating an environment for ideal patient consultations and increasing case acceptance than scheduling an appointment, performing an examination, and informing the patient
Today’s dentists need and want to perform adhesive bonding protocols more efficiently, and many dental product manufacturers have responded to the demand for simplicity by introducing new generations of bonding agents and cements. However, selecting the ideal bonding and cementation materials can become challenging in light of various product claims
Dental impressions—whether traditional or digital—provide the foundation for restorative treatments. Because they form the basis for treatment planning and laboratory fabrication of restorations, accurate impressions benefit the patient, dental professionals, and laboratory technicians in multiple ways. Accurate impressions save chair time at seating, reduce the incidence of remakes, and ultimately